The Runestone of Light that has protected the town of Neverville for thousands of years has gone missing. With nothing to protect it, an impenetrablevil fog has surrounded the town and trapped its inhabitants inside. You play the role of Valerie, the brave daughter of Cygnus Rastlin, the greatest guardian of Neverville. After learning the news, you return home just to find out that he has vanished into the thin air.

Now it’s up to you, the only remaining Guardian of Neverville, to restore the Runestone in its rightful place and track down the villain in a thrilling mystery game. Complete complex quests, unlock hidden object scenes and puzzles, meet a cast of colorful characters and make stunning collections in this exciting hidden object journey!


While you wander the town, you are going to visit various seek-and-find and puzzle locations in order to obtain different stuff for yourself or other characters. In hidden object scenes (HOS) your aim is to find all the required items by their name or image. The goal of a mini-game is mentioned on the screen. You will have to get a Lantern of Neverville (or few) to unlock new locations.


Your quests are displayed on the left of the city map. Tap a character icon to check the details. The Find or Craft buttons will show you a location where the missing item can be acquired. Tap the Buy button to get it immediately and proceed on the story.


Hints help you complete a HOS or puzzle in timely manner in order not to lose the spent energy in vain. Magical orb and Salvation Charm are the most powerful of them all.


These charms optimize your efforts during the time travels. They may speed-up your energy recharger and help gain more coins and XP points.


Energy is spent for visiting puzzle and hidden object locations. Energy bar recharges with time, but energy boosters help restore it quicker. Besides the bar refills whenever you achieve next XP level.


Pick up all the collectibles, stock some tools and tap the Craft button to complete a collection. In case you lack any of the above, just tap its icon to learn more about its whereabouts.


One or more Lanterns of Neverville are needed to unlock a new hidden object or puzzle location. Tap its name on the map to see what can be found there, how much gold and XP points can be earned and how much energy must be spared to visit itl.

Runestone of Light

To banish the evil once for all you have to restore the Runestone of Light. The fragments are can be found throughout the city of given to you by the characters as you complete their requests. The number below the runestone icon shows how many pieces have been collected. Visit the Tower to see the stone glow.

Inventory & Market

All your findings are kept in the inventory and may be traded for the fixed price on the Market. The latter is well worth visiting to buy all sorts of collectibles, quest items and… well, pretty everything in Neverville. Just make sure you have enough gold and gems.

Coins & Crystals

All your game efforts are rewarded with gold and gems. Gold is earned for exploring HOS, completing quests, crafting collections, etc. Gems are given for achieving next XP level or as a daily bonus. Both types of virtual currency can also be purchased in the Bank for real money.

Adding Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed. When evil lurks in the fog a helping hand can save the day. Tap the Invite button in the top left to add a friend and get an advantage.


If you still have any questions or require technical support, don’t hesitate to email us at neverville@absolutist.com or simply tap Feedback button in the game Settings.